SD101 Outswing Door Guard – Your Door’s New Guardian Angel!

🌟 Crafting Security, Sculpting Elegance

SD101 Outswing Door Guard – Your Door’s New Guardian Angel!


Introducing the SD101 Outswing Door Guard – a fusion of style and unparalleled protection for the modern home. 🚀


👉 Guarding Your Space with Precision:


Security with Sophistication: Enhance your door’s security while adding a touch of refined elegance to your living environment.

Innovative Door Guard Function: Safeguard your loved ones, ensuring unauthorized access is a thing of the past.

Robust Security: Experience an impenetrable barrier that fortifies your door, rendering it resilient against external threats.



👉 Unlocking Unprecedented Security:

Patented Thumb Turn Excellence: Elevate your security experience with our patented thumb turn lock, featuring an internal concave design for comfort and preventing scratching during operation.

Sturdy & Stylish Construction: Switching the Möbiusband-shaped knob, our precise positioning and double rivet design make you easier to confirm if locked.

Effortless Installation: Fortify your space effortlessly – our user-friendly installation process ensures a seamless security enhancement.


Upgrade your door’s security with SD101 – where protection seamlessly meets sophistication! 🌟✨

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